Just know you’re not alone, ‘Cause I’m going to make this place your home (Chapter 2)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction which uses real persons. The plot in no way describes actual situations. Please refrain from reading if you are not partial to this. Thanks.

Fandom: American Idol, future!fic; Characters: Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez

Chapter 2

Since his marriage, he has been slowly letting go of his singing career and instead focused on his songwriting.  He’d written a couple of hits although he was less known for it; the singers always got recognized more than writer after all.

He’d figured that writing songs rather than singing would give him more time for his marriage and his family. He was right.

In the late months of 2014, he’d welcomed a baby boy.  His wife had named him Phillip, just like his father.  His boy didn’t have his middle name though, but that’s another story.


He finally finds a bunch of diapers in the bathroom shelves and goes back to his son’s room.

He’s wondering how Jessica is with his son.

The boy usually doesn’t like it when strangers held him so Phillip was surprised when his son responded well to Jessica.


She was the last person he expected to see on his doorstep.  He thinks back on when he had seen her through the window.

He had thought: No way!

He had opened the door with a look of disbelief on his face.  He’s not even sure how he managed to speak to her but he did.

“Jessica?”, her name left his lips.

“Hi, Phillip.”


And then she smiled.


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